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International Conference on “Emerging Perspectives in FinTech”

CALL FOR PAPERS Dates: July 21 – 28, 2018 Venue: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi This Conference is being jointly organized by National Institute of Financial Management under the aegis of DEA-NIFM Research Programme, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India with the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. This conference spans over two …Read more »

Rot in PSBs Part 4: RBI’s inability to regulate and supervise banks shows it’s time for a super financial regulator

By: Rudra Sensarma &  Pankaj Kumar Baag, Appeared in  Firstpost, on February 23, 2018. Read the article Here

Seminar On ‘Do Markets Matter In The War Against Terror? The Impact of Markets on Terror Attacks by Kashmiri Insurgents in India’

By: Prof Rajiv Krishnan, Associate Professor, Beedie School of Business, Canada. Abstract of the Talk: Kashmir, once considered as a paradise on earth, had became a bloody battle ground between Kashmiri insurgents and the Indian Government. The government of India has tried various routes to bring peace to the valley, such as negotiations with Kashmiri insurgents, counter terrorism, and even subsidies to appease …Read more »

Why IIMs don’t need foreign accreditations

By : Keyoor Purani & Rudra Sensarma Appeared in  Financial Express On  January 15, 2018. Read the article here    

Kerala Budget 2018: Good balance between welfare and fiscal prudence

By : Dr Rudra Sensarma Appeared in New Indian Express On 03rd February 2018 Read the Article Here

Kerala Budget 2018: A stepping stone for women empowerment

By : Dr Leena Mary Eapen. Appeared in New Indian Express On 03rd February 2018 Read the Article Here

Seminar On ‘The Healthcare Disorder Has Cure’

By: Dr Rajaram Govindarajan, Professor in the Department of Operations Management, Innovation and Data Sciences at the prestigious ESADE Business School, Barcelona. Abstract Of the Talk: A recent study published by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University in the British Medical Journal estimates that 250,000 people die every year due to medical errors in the U.S., making it the third greatest cause of …Read more »

Mission Antyodaya – Request for active involvement in developing 50,000 Poverty Free Gram Panchayats

Regarding to developing Poverty Free Gram Panchayats in purposively selected clusters under Mission Antyodaya, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India is  happy to report that the ranking of 50,000 such Gram Panchayats  selected by State Governments has been completed and are available on On their website at .The website also provides the framework for implementation of Mission Antyodaya. It …Read more »

Listen to the missed call– Data analytics can help decode consumer signals to improve returns on MCM

By Prof. Keyoor Purani Making a ‘missed call’ – dialing a number and disconnecting it before the call is picked up – has traditionally been a way to signal a message in India without actually communicating it with a voice. With a large number of Indians on pre-paid plans with limited talk-time, it is important to save the available talk-time by …Read more »

Distinguished Lecture on ‘Business with Latin America’ by Ambassador (Rtd) Shri R. Viswanathan

As part of the Distinguished Lecture Series organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, former Ambassador, diplomat and writer Shri Rengaraj Viswanathan delivered a talk on his subject of expertise- Business with Latin America, at IIM Kozhikode on 28 July 2016. Watch this very interesting and informative talk below: Part-I Part-II

IIMK Research Seminar: ‘Promoting Change from the Outside: Externally Managing Environmental Improvement Projects’ by Prof. Suvrat Dhanorkar, Penn State University, USA [Video]

(Conducted on 14 July 2016 at IIM Kozhikode) Prof. Suvrat Dhanorkar is Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. Watch the seminar here: ‘Promoting Change from the Outside: Externally Managing Environmental Improvement Projects’  

“Technology, trade and ‘urban poor’ in a general equilibrium model with segmented domestic factor markets”: A synopsis

By Prof. Soumyatanu Mukherjee The significant determinant of the growth in Indian Economy during the liberalised regime has been the productivity take-off in the registered or ‘formal’ manufacturing and service industries, which has been facilitated by greater access to the newer varieties of imported capital goods from abroad (since they are used as ‘inputs’ in the services industries of India). But at …Read more »

Leapfrogging Literacy

 By Prof. Keyoor Purani I was furious last Sunday evening. My son, was writing his first mid-term test for his class X. Since morning, my wife and I might have sent him to his books not less than a dozen times but after a while, we found him coming back to iMac or iPad. I lost patience and yelled at …Read more »

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