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Research Seminar by Prof. VG Venkatesh

The 5th research seminar of 2023-24 academic session was held at IIMK on 31st August 2023. The topic of the seminar was “A Primer for an Impactful Research Journey A Research Interaction”.  The abstract of the talk is as follows Research in the academic domain is changing into a new realm, warranting the emphasis on the impact element over the …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof. MANPREET SINGH HORA

Topic: BUYER-SUPPLIER NETWORKS AND INNOVATION: THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGICAL DISTANCE Abstract of the presentation  This study focuses on available technological knowledge in a firm’s global supplier network and examines factors that accrue innovation benefits from such knowledge for a buyer firm. Using absorptive capacity as a theoretical lens, we specifically examine technological distance, technological breadth, and extent of global sourcing, and …Read more »


Abstract of the presentation  Founder CEOs differ from non-founder CEOs as they aim for a founder-centric firm where founders retain significant decision-making flexibility. Given that cash affords considerable flexibility to managers, we test and find that firms with founder CEOs hold more cash than their counterparts. The preference for flexibility results in lower debt choice and lower substitution of debt …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof. VK Narayanan

Prof. V K Narayanan has conducted a research workshop on the topic: Management Theory: quo vadis on 2nd  May, 2023     Abstract of the paper Few scholarly domains have drawn as much controversy and debate as management scholarship. Without claiming exhaustiveness, these conversations have been framed alternately as rigor vs relevance (Clinebell & Clinebell, 2008), level of analysis (Hitt, Beamish, Jackson, …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof. Sudershan Kuntluru

Consolidated or Standalone earnings – What do investors react to? Abstract of the paper When an entity exerts control over one or more entities, providing consolidated financial statements is the norm in several countries around the world. However, a unique financial reporting rule in India requires firms to provide annual financial statements at both the consolidated (parent + subsidiary) and …Read more »


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