Research Seminar by Prof. Anirban Ghatak

A research seminar by Prof. Anirban Ghatak, Assistant Professor of Economics at IIM Kozhikode was held on March 10, 2022.

Seminar Topic – T-Metric: a New Citation Metric for Time-Dependent Impact Measurement

Abstract of the research paper on which the seminar was based

In this paper, we come up with a new citation analysis metric that accounts for recency, temporality, and citation count together in scholarly productions. The number of citations of an academic production plays a major role in deciding the popularity of it in the age of digital archiving. The popularity of an article and in turn its citation count also, in a way, paves the way forward for further research in the domain. Although there have been criticisms about such overemphasis on citation counts, no alternative metric has come up to replace citation count as the primary metric of relevance for scholarly articles. In this paper, we argue against using citation count as the most important measure of relevance of scholarly articles because citation count entirely overlooks the temporal nature of the citations. As scholarly articles differ in their impact over time, we argue that the idea of time-dependent impact should be taken into consideration in order to ‘rank’ the scholarly productions in terms of their impact. Hence, we propose T-metric as an alternative to the current practice of using citation count to measure the impact of academic articles/books/essays.


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