Research Seminar by Prof. Ashutosh Sarkar & Prof. Shovan Chowdhury

A research seminar by Prof. Ashutosh Sarkar & Prof. Shovan Chowdhury was held on March 31, 2022

Seminar Topic – Forecasting & Supply Chain Planning in an Indian Ethnic Wear Industry – A Case Study

Summary of the research project on which the seminar was based

Indian ethnic wear, like any other fashion product, is characterized by high competition, a large number of product introductions and highly unstable demand. This puts tremendous challenges on demand forecasting, supply chain planning, and the management of the customer fulfilment process. Although a large volume of literature and cases are available in the fashion and apparel industry, there are few published documents highlighting the nuances of the Indian ethnic wear supply chain process. Thus, this research proposes to fill the gap by producing a case and a report on the Indian ethnic wear industry. The main goal of this study is to map and document the forecasting and supply chain planning processes. Additional interest of the project is to understand how key information is captured, transmitted and utilized for planning decisions


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