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Research seminar by VK Narayanan

IIM K hosted its Thirteenth research seminar on January 25, 2024, for the year 2023-24. It was conducted by PROF. V.K. NARAYANAN Deloitte & Touché Jones Stubbs Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. The topic was Transfer of Learning Across Projects   Abstract of the talk given below The objective of this paper is to …Read more »

Research seminar by Ravi Ramamurti

IIM K hosted its Twelfth research seminar on January 17, 2024, for the year 2023-24. It was conducted by Prof. RAVI RAMAMURTI Distinguished Professor of International Business & Strategy and Founding Director of the Center for Emerging Markets at Northeastern University. The topic was How can scholars use the Indian context to publish research that has universal relevance?   Abstract …Read more »

Research seminar by SURESH GOVINDARAJ

IIM K hosted its eleventh research seminar on January 04, 2024, for the year 2023-24. It was conducted by PROF. SURESH GOVINDARAJ, Professor and Director of the Ph.D. and DBA Programs, Rutgers University, USA. The topic was Valuation of Accruals and Investor Intertemporal Consumption-Investment Choices.    The abstract of the talk is given below. The concept of accruals is arguably …Read more »

Research Seminar by VIKAS KUMAR

IIM K hosted its tenth research seminar on December 12, 2023, for the year 2023-24. It was conducted by Professor Vikas Kumar, Head of Discipline, International Business, University of Sydney. The topic was “Using Emerging Market Context to Advance International Business Research”   The abstract of the talk is given below. The large majority of international business (IB) theories were developed …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof. STEPHEN ZHANG

IIM K hosted its ninth research seminar on November 2, 2023, for the year 2023-24. It was conducted by Prof. STEPHEN ZHANG, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Adelaide, Australia. The topic was Boon or bane having overconfident founder-CEOs for firm performance? The role of firm dynamic capability and CEO risk-taking The abstract of the talk is given below. The literature …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof.GOPAL KRISHNAN

The eighth research Seminar of the academic year 2023-24 was conducted by GOPAL KRISHNAN, Professor of Accounting and the coordinator of the Ph.D. program in Accounting at Bentley University, USA on the topic Do Female Friendly Boards Mitigate Gender Pay Gap Among Directors? Abstract of the talk  Gender pay gap is a detriment to economic growth. We examine whether there is a difference …Read more »


A research Seminar was conducted by VG SRIDHARAN, PAUL CORAM & YALIN HAN on the topic Does Incentive Compensation Motivate Senior Managers to Approve Radical New Product Development Projects? An Experimental Investigation. The abstract of the talk is as follows, Agency theory asserts that senior managers’ behaviours can be aligned with the firms’ goals through incentive compensation plans. The persistent evidence that stock …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof. Vijaya Bhaskar Marisetty

Sixth research seminar of the academic year was conducted at IIMK on 04th September 2023. The topic of the seminar was “”Is Blockchain beneficial for Banks? Evidence from the Ripple Network Adoption”. The abstract of the talk is as follows The adoption of blockchain technology, due to its apparent benefits relating to no reconciliation issues, speed of transaction through smart …Read more »


Abstract of the presentation  Founder CEOs differ from non-founder CEOs as they aim for a founder-centric firm where founders retain significant decision-making flexibility. Given that cash affords considerable flexibility to managers, we test and find that firms with founder CEOs hold more cash than their counterparts. The preference for flexibility results in lower debt choice and lower substitution of debt …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof. VK Narayanan

Prof. V K Narayanan has conducted a research workshop on the topic: Management Theory: quo vadis on 2nd  May, 2023     Abstract of the paper Few scholarly domains have drawn as much controversy and debate as management scholarship. Without claiming exhaustiveness, these conversations have been framed alternately as rigor vs relevance (Clinebell & Clinebell, 2008), level of analysis (Hitt, Beamish, Jackson, …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof. Sudershan Kuntluru

Consolidated or Standalone earnings – What do investors react to? Abstract of the paper When an entity exerts control over one or more entities, providing consolidated financial statements is the norm in several countries around the world. However, a unique financial reporting rule in India requires firms to provide annual financial statements at both the consolidated (parent + subsidiary) and …Read more »

Research Workshop by Prof. Varsha Jain

Prof. Varsha Jain has conducted a research workshop on the topic “Dyad Approach for Consumer Behavior and Digital Context: Associate Editor and Author’s Perspective” on 13th October, 2022 (Thursday) from 02.00 PM – 04.00 PM. Abstract of the workshop Consumer behavior has evolved with the democratization of digital technologies. Today, a consumer is a digitally savvy and hyperactive multi-tasker. They have more access …Read more »

Research Seminar by Prof Ramesh Dangol

A research seminar on the topic “The Role of Human Extensibility Technologies in Mitigating the Adverse Effect of Violence Against Women on Women’s Employment Capabilities” was held on 22nd September 2022 at IIM Kozhikode. Abstract of the Seminar  We examine the role of human extensibility technologies (e.g., virtual mobility) in helping the general female population (women) develop employment capabilities in …Read more »

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