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“Overcoming Institutional Voids: The Complementary Advantages of Business Groups and Multinationals”: Research Seminar by Prof. Ajai Gaur, Rutgers Business School

Prof. Ajai Gaur, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and International Business at Rutgers Business School, delivered a seminar on the topic titled “Overcoming Institutional Voids: The Complementary Advantages of Business Groups and Multinationals”. Abstract of the Talk: Drawing on the literature on multinational corporations (MNCs) and business groups, we argue that the advantages of business groups and MNCs complement each …Read more »

“The Microgrid Revolution: Business Strategies for Next-Generation Electricity”: Research Seminar by Prof. Mahesh P Bhave, IIM Kozhikode

Prof. Mahesh P Bhave, visiting professor of strategy at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, delivered a talk on his book titled “The Microgrid Revolution: Business Strategies for Next-Generation Electricity”. About the book: Two hypotheses are proposed in the book: a) sum of parts valuation of microgrids for a service territory surpasses the aggregate valuation. I argue, “split up the service territory of …Read more »

The Digital Consumer in Demonetized India

By Prof. Anindita Paul End-to-end digital world is the vision that the Modi government is putting up in the post-demonetization era. The journey has been a rough one so far without any hopes to improve sooner. How much of the vision can be made feasible in a diverse population like India is still a question that the providers and users …Read more »

“Private provision of public good and endogenous income inequality”: Research Seminar by Dr. Debasis Mondal, IIT Delhi [Video]

Dr. Debasis Mondal, Assistant Professor of Economics at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, presented a research seminar on the topic ”Private provision of public good and endogenous income inequality” at IIM Kozhikode on 17th November 2016. Abstract of the talk In traditional models of public goods with voluntary provision (as like, Bergstrom, Blume and Varian, 1986), size of the non-contributing set does not …Read more »

National Human Rights Commission–EOI invitation for research studies

National Human Rights Commission is a statutory body constituted under the Protection of Human Rights Act (PHRA), 1993. As per Section 12(g) of the PHRA, 1993, the Commission undertakes and promotes research in the field of human rights. Towards this end, the Commission invites expression of interest (EOI) from Research Institutions, Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations registered under the Societies Registration Act, …Read more »

“Development of managerial competencies in MBA programs”: Research Seminar by Prof. Naveen Amblee, IIMK

— An empirical study of the curriculum of IIM Kozhikode and leading American programs Prof. Naveen Amblee of IIM Kozhikode carried out an empirical study of the Top-60 MBA programs in the United States and the curriculum of IIMK to see how far they are equipped to deliver the key managerial competencies to graduates. Do their core curricula meet the established …Read more »

‘C-suite Inequality and Firm Performance’: IIMK Research Seminar by Prof. Khalid Nainar, McMaster University, Ontario

Prof. S. M. Khalid Nainar, Professor of Accounting and Financial Management Services, McMaster University, Ontario specializes in insider trading and ethical attitudes in experimental asset markets, energy issues particularly oil markets, rationality of financial analysts’ forecasts and accounting measures of price and volume volatility. He is also an accomplished instructor, having won many awards for his teaching performance. Watch his …Read more »

‘Language, Religion and Identity Politics in Kashmir’: Research Seminar by Prof. Sadaf Munshi, University of North Texas

Dr. Sadaf Munshi is Associate Professor in the department of Linguistics and Technical Communication at the University of North Texas (USA).  She works in the areas of historical and comparative linguistics, language contact, language documentation, and grammatical analysis and theory. Her research focuses on Indo-Aryan languages (e.g. Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri, and Romani or “Gypsy” language) and Burushaski. Watch her powerful talk …Read more »

Distinguished Lecture on ‘Business with Latin America’ by Ambassador (Rtd) Shri R. Viswanathan

As part of the Distinguished Lecture Series organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, former Ambassador, diplomat and writer Shri Rengaraj Viswanathan delivered a talk on his subject of expertise- Business with Latin America, at IIM Kozhikode on 28 July 2016. Watch this very interesting and informative talk below: Part-I Part-II

IIMK Research Seminar: ‘Promoting Change from the Outside: Externally Managing Environmental Improvement Projects’ by Prof. Suvrat Dhanorkar, Penn State University, USA [Video]

(Conducted on 14 July 2016 at IIM Kozhikode) Prof. Suvrat Dhanorkar is Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. Watch the seminar here: ‘Promoting Change from the Outside: Externally Managing Environmental Improvement Projects’  

“Technology, trade and ‘urban poor’ in a general equilibrium model with segmented domestic factor markets”: A synopsis

By Prof. Soumyatanu Mukherjee The significant determinant of the growth in Indian Economy during the liberalised regime has been the productivity take-off in the registered or ‘formal’ manufacturing and service industries, which has been facilitated by greater access to the newer varieties of imported capital goods from abroad (since they are used as ‘inputs’ in the services industries of India). But at …Read more »

Leapfrogging Literacy

 By Prof. Keyoor Purani I was furious last Sunday evening. My son, was writing his first mid-term test for his class X. Since morning, my wife and I might have sent him to his books not less than a dozen times but after a while, we found him coming back to iMac or iPad. I lost patience and yelled at …Read more »

“In Pursuit of Academic Excellence: Maximizing the Impact of Your Research”: Research Seminar by Shri M. G. Sreekumar, IIMK [Video]

Watch below an informative talk on maximizing the impact of research by Shri M. G. Sreekumar, Chief Librarian & Information Officer, Library & Information Centre, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode– delivered at IIM Kozhikode on 7 July 2016.

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