Research Workshop by Prof. Varsha Jain

Prof. Varsha Jain has conducted a research workshop on the topic “Dyad Approach for Consumer Behavior and Digital Context: Associate Editor and Author’s Perspective” on 13th October, 2022 (Thursday) from 02.00 PM – 04.00 PM.

Abstract of the workshop

Consumer behavior has evolved with the democratization of digital technologies. Today, a consumer is a digitally savvy and hyperactive multi-tasker. They have more access to information about products and services with changing consumption patterns in the digital age. According to the reports of Statista, 2022, there are 4 billion consumers worldwide who prefer to purchase online. Moreover, consumer behavior is driven by three key factors, 1) Digital-first interactions, 2) Personalization and 3) Experiences. Consumers can connect worldwide for their purchases, and digital consumption has increased. Several studies have been conducted in this area. However, consumer behavior, primarily in the digital context, is complex, integrated, and multi-disciplinary and needs a lot of work across countries. More robust studies are required to strengthen consumer behavior in the digital age as newer theories, constructs, and variables must be developed. To do so, the editorial and author’s thoughts will surely help. Hence, the associate editor’s perspective would provide insights into publishing an article in the Journal of Consumer Behavior (A Level Journal-ABDC List) and will also facilitate the understanding of the evaluation criteria of the journal. This comprehension will help the authors to conceptualize the papers. Further, the author’s perspective will help understand the discipline’s emerging areas, such as unraveling self, digital effect, and technological influence.


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