Research Seminar by Prof Ramesh Dangol

A research seminar on the topic “The Role of Human Extensibility Technologies in Mitigating the Adverse Effect of Violence Against Women on Women’s Employment Capabilities” was held on 22nd September 2022 at IIM Kozhikode.

Abstract of the SeminarĀ 

We examine the role of human extensibility technologies (e.g., virtual mobility) in helping the general female population (women) develop employment capabilities in the context of violence against women (VAW). VAW adversely impacts the general female population’s capabilities even when they do not experience violence firsthand. In particular, we posit that VAW negatively impacts women’s employment capabilities by limiting spatial mobility. Mobility is a resource required to access places of work, schools, colleges, and job training centers; on-the-job training and education are instrumental in helping women develop employment capabilities. We also posit that human extensibility technologies can enable women to develop employment capabilities by supplanting spatial mobility in the context of VAW. Based on our findings, we recommend that governments invest in human extensibility technologies to enable women to develop employment capabilities. Investments in such technology-driven workaround solutions can be as crucial as investing in law enforcement personnel to mitigate the adverse effects of VAW.


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