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  • Conference on Brand Management (CBM2016)
    ThemesStartup Branding and Valuation, Public Sector Branding, Branding Small, Brand Flexibility, Branding and Culture, Not For Profit Branding, Technology Branding, B2B Branding, Brand Under Stress, Brand Challenges, Ethical Branding, Digital Branding, Infrastructure and Priority Sector Branding (Education, Energy & Petroleum), Branding Public Policy and Initiatives, Brand communication: Issues and Challenges, Branding Health, Branding India and their relevant areas related to broad themes of the Conference

Date: 16-17 April, 2016
Venue: IIT, Delhi
Date of abstract submission: February 20, 2016

Theme: South-to-South FDI
: 22-23 April, 2016
Venue: IIM, Indore
Date of abstract submission: December 31, 2015
Download: http://www.iimidr.ac.in/wp-content/uploads/AIB_India_Conference_Brochure.pdf

Venue: IIM,  Kashipur
Date of abstract submission: December 12, 2015

  • ASIALA-2016 International Conference on Digital Governance: Innovation, information and libraries

Date: 14-15 April, 2016
Venue: IIm, Indore
Date of abstract submission: January 31, 2016

Date: 22-23 December, 2015
Venue: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Theme: “Informing Entrepreneurship and Sustainability”
: 14 -17 February, 2016
Venue: IIM, Raipur
Download: http://www.iimraipur.ac.in/Flyer%20QIK2016%20Delhi_One%20Page.pdf

Theme: Inspiration, innovation and inclusion
Date: 17-19 March, 2016
Date of abstract submission: December 15, 2015
Venue: IIM shillong
Download: http://www.iimshillong.in/sus-con/pdf/SusCon-%20V%20Brochure%202015.pdf

Fourth International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence

Global SummitonCorporate Social Responsibility

CSR in Mainstream Management Education, Stakeholders Engagement, Aligning CSR to Developmental Needs of India, Role of Implementing Agencies in CSR Project Management, Encompassing Environmental Needs into CSR, CSR-Brand Equity-WIFM, Innovations in CSR Practices, Global Comparative Study of CSR-Best Practices, Monitoring and Evaluation in CSR, Case Studies in CSR, Women Empowerment & Gender Equality, Contribution of CSR for Growth & Development


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