Research Seminar by Prof. Deva Rangarajan

A Research Seminar by Prof. Deva Rangarajan,  Professor of Marketing at the IESEG School of Management in France was held on 4th August 2022.

Topic – ‘Examining the Promise of a New Marketing Function: The Role of Customer Success Management in Ensuring Customer Health and Firm Performance’.

Abstract of the research paper
This research adopts a theories-in-use approach to create an understanding of how marketers are enhancing the value delivery process by implementing strategies focused on Customer Success (CS). Drawing on depth and focus group interviews with CS managers (n = 72), CS executives (n = 119), and customers (n= 16), we demonstrate that CS management represents an emerging marketing strategy and CS implementation, which occurs when firms adopt the new and unique CS management sales/service strategy intended to drive increases in customer health and, ultimately, customer retention. Our research describes CS implementations, explicates the concept of customer health, and presents several insights on contingencies that may impact the effectiveness of CS implementations. Ultimately, our results suggest that firms are adopting CS management to address gaps in relationship marketing efforts focused solely on marketing, sales, and service. In doing so, they are experiencing substantial improvements in their customer relationships and customer retention. As a result, CS management is a fruitful area for both research and practice.


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