By Prof. G Venkat Raman

IIMK hosted the 6th All India Conference of China studies during December 12-14, 2013. The conference was the result of academic collaboration between Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), Delhi and the IIMK. The Chinese developmental experiences in the post-reforms era have some significant lessons for India in terms of studying the management of state-society relations, economic reforms and impact on questions related to the growth versus equity debate. The  theme of this year’s  China conference was ‘Reforms, Management, and Social Transformation in China’.

The conference started with an overview of the ‘state of the field’ of China studies in the field of politics and governance, foreign policy and Chinese society. Ffifty papers were presented in ten different sessions. The sessions dealt with a variety of sub-themes like ‘Chinese Reforms and Social Transformation’ (three sessions); ‘Chinese Management Practices’; ‘India-China Comparative Economic Studies’; ‘Trade and Economy in China’; ‘Trade in India-China Relations’; ‘History and Foreign Policy’; ‘Culture and Society in China’ and several interesting papers with very high academic rigour were presented. There were also papers with very interesting insights on comparison of health sector reforms and education reforms in India and China. Some of the papers presented addressed the issue of growing rural-urban disparities, impact of economic reforms in China on the livelihood of marginalized coastal communities, reforms and food security.

A special session on ‘Chinese Management Practices’ was organized as part of the Conference where several papers discussed interesting topics like volatility modeling and forecasting, shadow banking practices in India and China, evolving role of banks in sustainable economic development, comparative study of capital market and reforms, opportunities and challenges as regards debt market structure in India and China, unveiling of the mobile social media revolution, conceptual business models for nascent social entrepreneurs in transitional economies (like India and China), lean management practices in China, business etiquette in China, and conformist versus contemporary management practices in China and Sun Tzu’s Art of War in Management in China.

The special seChina Conferencession on ‘Making Sense of Rising China’ had  scholars discussing and debating various issues  and some of the interesting questions raised in the session were a) sustainability of the political authoritarianism and economic liberalization model of China b) will the Chinese communist party survive till 2025 c) interpreting the ‘China dream’ of Xi Jinping. The session was moderated by Ambassador Kishan Rana. The panelists in this session were Prof Manoranjan Mohanty chairperson of ICS, Prof Alka Acharya, Director ICS and Professor of China Studies at JNU, D S Rajan, Director, Chennai Centre of China Studies, Mr Ravi Bhoothalingam an eminent China scholar and senior fellow of ICS and Dr G Venkat Raman, faculty member of IIMK. The discussion was followed by a lively Question and Answer sessions in which the students of IIMK participated very enthusiastically.

There were eight papers from the academic community at IIMK, (6 by the faculty, 2 by the fellow students and 1 by a post graduate student)  The interest shown by the academic community here and their  active involvement and contribution reveal  the scope and promise of China studies in management education in India.

To access the papers presented in the conference please click the following link:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwlL6tkAz_DAckM0VDE3dUVTWXc&usp=sharing

To access the photographs taken during the conference please visit:


G. Venkat Raman is an Assistant Professor of Humanities & Liberal Arts in  Management at IIM Kozhikode.



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