Seminar on Service Innovativeness: Does Technology Orientation Matter?

By Prof. Maheshkumar P. Joshi,Associate Professor of Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, School of Business&Director of Research and Practice – Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,George Mason University Fairfax VA 22030 USA.

Abstract of the talk:While the market and entrepreneurial aspects of strategic orientation had been extensively explored in the marketing literature, research on technology orientation had been sparsed. Further, service organizations  became major contributors in the global economy, yet there were limited research examining innovativeness in service firms. Our study investigates the role of technology orientation as an antecedent to service innovativeness in the context of firms offering technology based services (TBS). Using the theoretical lens of the knowledge Based View (KBV), They examined the contingent role of competitive aggressiveness and organizational autonomy in the relationship between technology orientation and innovativeness in TBS firms. Their results showed  that while technology orientation in TBS firms is positively associated with service innovativeness, competitive aggressiveness enhances this relationship, whereas organizational autonomy attenuated it. That study contributed to both research on technology orientation, as well as on service innovativeness. 


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