Electronic Warfare: A Sleep and Self -Control Model of Cyber Incivility

By Prof. Satish Krishnan, IIM Kozhikode.

Abstract: The proliferation of electronic communication in organizations has enabled a new form of incivility: cyber incivility. We challenge existing implicit assumptions that cyber incivility is caused by forces strictly within the work domain, showing how the non-work activity of sleep predicts levels of cyber incivility. Specifically, we develop a self-regulatory model in which sleep has a negative effect on cyber incivility that is mediated by self-control. Moreover, we posit that agreeableness serves as an important boundary condition to this theoretical advance. Using an experience sampling method, we collected 719 observations from 131 individuals over ten working days. Results demonstrate that a substantial portion of cyber incivility variation occurs within individuals, and show effects which are consistent with our hypotheses.

Impact of Social Media on the lives of the Women of the Kantha Embroidery Industry

By Prof. Anupam Das, IIM Kozhikode.

Abstract: The Kantha is an indigenous piece of embroidery work created by the rural women of West Bengal and Bangladesh and has its origin as a traditional functional form of embroidery known for transforming worn out textiles into beautiful forms of art whose intricate designs are steeped in religion and folk beliefs. Though the initial intention of this creative form was functionality rather than monetary, it has now become commercialized as a symbol of an ethnic product that has universal saleable attributes. After closely studying this unorganized sector in selected parts of rural Bengal, we learned that primarily women in poor families engaged in Kantha embroidery work to support their family’s financial needs. Unfortunately, they are poorly paid and they do not get due recognition for their creations. In our study we attempt to understand the current model(s) of the Kantha embroidery industry and consequently, we intend to offer an alternative model that can help the poor women artisans reach out to a global consumer base that has better purchasing power than the local consumers.



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