International Conclave on ‘Globalizing Indian Thought’ at IIM Kozhikode from January 16-18, 2020 at IIM Kozhikode

The Indian economy with its mammoth growth is headed towards becoming the top three economies of the world. In the next few years, India would have answers to its most-pressing questions on poverty and corruption. By achieving this, India will be a solution-provider to the world.

Nonetheless, the very existence of today’s India is rooted in its greatest leaders from Gandhi to Buddha, whose global impact was without the help of the internet.

The concept of Satyam indicates that if we pursue truth diligently, we have a greater chance of encountering Reality. Nityam is about sustainability: the ability to nurture, support and endure. Purnam is wholeness referring to harmony and fulfilment.

The belief in this trinity has positioned India as a change-agent since Indian leaders thrive on being known as realized beings by embracing the spirit of sustainability and reverence for life.

The three crucial elements of Indian thought: Satyam (Truth), Nityam (Sustainability) and Purnam (Wholeness) are capable enough to influence and impact the world in the present century.

Conversations on globalization have for a long time been synonymous with westernization. Indian thought does have a lot to contribute to such conversations. The intellectual heritage, rich traditions and innovative knowledge systems of India make it ideally suited to take a lead role in dealing with what will be an increasingly dynamic future in the globalized world.

India has been instrumental in revolutionizing lives through its timeless ideas. To Arjuna, seeking direction in the battle of Kurukshetra, to Mandela seeking true freedom and dignity, to the Beatles seeking purpose and meaningfulness, and to Vivekananda seeking inspiration, India has provided succour to all who seek.

In line with the above, the conclave on ‘Globalizing Indian Thought’ is designed to offer an opportunity for inquisitive and keen thinkers across professions and vocations to deliberate on the ageless Indian ideas converging into a plethora of creative platforms.

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