Seminar On ‘Network Analyses for Systemic Risk Modelling, Finance and Development’

By: Prof. Sheri Markose & Prof. Thankom Arun

Abstract of the Talk:  In the seminar, Sheri Markose  talked about digital mapping of the Indian Financial System for purposes of systemic risk management. She has been demonstrated the need to model financial systems and macro-economics in terms of interconnectedness and granularity to give causal relationships that are overlooked while using reduced form models and econometrics. Her talk has been  highlighted how market price data gives paradoxical risk measures that will blind side regulators and how without granular macroeconomics the big trends in macro-economics to do with fall in GDP growth and rise in GDP volatility can be hard to explain. Thankom Arun  talked about his current work (with Sheri Markose) on the issues of financial inclusion in India. He  made a broad presentation on finance and development bringing in the distribution issues.



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