Research Seminar Prof. Amit Mitra

A Research Seminar by Prof Amit Mitra, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems Management, Department of Strategy & Operations Management, Bristol Business School, the University of the West of England, UK was held on December 27, 2019.

Topic – Social media and migrant integration into Sweden

Abstract – Migrant integration is a long-drawn-out process requiring synergies with various dimensions of life, rhyming with those of the host country. In this paper, we attempt to deconstruct the digital narratives of migrants to explore how they may lead to a meaningful assessment of their acculturation and consequent integration into their host societies. Drawing on acculturation theory as a lens, we argue that migrants’ use of social media creates liminality that is synonymous with ambiguity and disorientation that may diminish through a composite adaptation of acculturation and ethnic identity. Our data evidence on social media use among migrants domiciled in major cities in Sweden suggests that social media-based interaction of migrants is not encouraging integration, while their digital proclivities tend to define their narratives of online ethnicity and their physical realities. Implications for migrant integration are presented.


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