Research Seminar by Dr Parth J Shah

A Research Seminar Dr Parth J Shah, Founder of Centre for Civil Society (CCS), New Delhi was held on January 03, 2020.

Seminar topic – Indian Economy: The Search for Growth and Jobs

Abstract – The rise of global populism is generally understood as an economy failing people and those who have lost or feel they are losing are using politics to fix the economy or try to get a better bargain for themselves. And to fix the economy, politicians have offered many radical ideas from the left and the right. So the current populist upsurge is seen as non-ideological since both right-wing and left-wing parties dominate the world’s democracies. India’s is a right-wing populism.
I challenge this general narrative of “politics fixing the economy.” I argue that what is most broken is politics and not economics. And there is little being offered or debated about how to fix our politics. This is the first part of the talk. The second part offers an idea that all our laws and regulations should be put through livelihood freedom test. What would it mean to apply this freedom test to the livelihoods of our farmers, tribals and urban informal entrepreneurs? The third part focuses on a fat-free state—the broken politics has dramatically increased the burden of the Indian state on citizens without corresponding benefits or services. We must focus on reducing this unsustainable burden on the citizens.


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