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Industrial Training Institutes are now attracting 90 percenters; here’s why that’s a good thing

By Prof. Kausik Gangopadhyay & Karthi Sivaraman Courtesy: Firstpost ( Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) are fast becoming preferred destinations for many 90-percenters in the tenth standard board examination, as per a report in Times of India. A decade ago, it would have constituted an insult to even remotely suggest to someone scoring 90 percent or beyond to join an ITI – previously …Read more »

The Digital Consumer in Demonetized India

By Prof. Anindita Paul End-to-end digital world is the vision that the Modi government is putting up in the post-demonetization era. The journey has been a rough one so far without any hopes to improve sooner. How much of the vision can be made feasible in a diverse population like India is still a question that the providers and users …Read more »

Listen to the missed call– Data analytics can help decode consumer signals to improve returns on MCM

By Prof. Keyoor Purani Making a ‘missed call’ – dialing a number and disconnecting it before the call is picked up – has traditionally been a way to signal a message in India without actually communicating it with a voice. With a large number of Indians on pre-paid plans with limited talk-time, it is important to save the available talk-time by …Read more »

“Technology, trade and ‘urban poor’ in a general equilibrium model with segmented domestic factor markets”: A synopsis

By Prof. Soumyatanu Mukherjee The significant determinant of the growth in Indian Economy during the liberalised regime has been the productivity take-off in the registered or ‘formal’ manufacturing and service industries, which has been facilitated by greater access to the newer varieties of imported capital goods from abroad (since they are used as ‘inputs’ in the services industries of India). But at …Read more »

Leapfrogging Literacy

 By Prof. Keyoor Purani I was furious last Sunday evening. My son, was writing his first mid-term test for his class X. Since morning, my wife and I might have sent him to his books not less than a dozen times but after a while, we found him coming back to iMac or iPad. I lost patience and yelled at …Read more »


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